Japan Shipping Schedule

The following is the shipping schedule of car carrier vessels from Japan to port of Mombasa, Kenya and Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania.You can click on the vessel name to track the vessel where about as it approaches Mombasa and Dar-es-salaam port.


E.T.D means “Estimated time of departure” for the vessel and,

E.T.A means “Estimated Time of Arrival” for the vessel

All sailing schedules are subject to change with or without notice.

ShipVoyageOsaka ETDYokohamaKobe ETDMombasa ETADar es Salaam ETA
Orion leaderV.2016th October 202012th November 202014th November 2020
Morning cindyor SUB14th October 202012th November 2020 12th November 202010th November 2020
Glovis championV.05113th October 202012th November 202014th November 2020
Hoegh asiaV.15212th October 20207th November 20209th November 2020
Shanghai highwayV.1301st October 20206th November 20205th November 2020
Asian DynastyV.1767th October 202030th October 20201st November 2020
Morning lindaV.10428th September 202027th October 202029th October 2020
Morning concertor SUB24th September 202027th October 202029th October 2020
Morning ninnior SUB14th September 202014th October 202016th October 2020
Morning prosperityV.0317th September 20202nd October 20204th October 2020
LyddenV.01228th August 202029th September 20201st October 2020
Delphinus leaderV.02426th August 202019th September 202021st September 2020
Morning cornetV.12125th August 202021st September 202023rd September 2020
Morning cindyV.08017th August 202017th September 202019th September 2020
Hoegh troveV.14512th August 20206th September 20208th september 2020
Atlantic highwayV.12531st July 20203rd September 20201st September 2020
Morning composerV.1178th August 20202nd september 20204th september 2020
Glovis sonicV.0256th August 202029th August 202031st August 2020
Morning calmV.13826th July 202024th August 202026th August 2020
Aquarius leaderV.03022nd July 202018th August 202019th August 2020
Morning ninniv.11816th July 202012th August 202016th August 2020
Asian trustor SUB4th July 20207th August 202010th August 2020
Tianjin highwayV.133 or Sub30th June 20203rd August 20201st August 2020
Morning celestaor SUB24th June 20201st August 20203rd August 2020
Leo leaderV.08124th June 202021st July 202022nd July 2020
RCC compassV.00318th June 202020th July 202023rd July 2020
Morning christinaV.11015th June 202017th July 202019th July 2020
Hoegh new yorkV.12212th June 202012th July 202013th July 2020
Morning celloV.1206th June 20208th July 202011th July 2020
Morning concertV.13426th May 20204th July 20206th July 2020
Heritage leaderV.4826th May 202022nd May 202023rd May 2020
Antares leaderV.07126th May 202021st June 202022nd June 2020
Morning ninniV.11616th May 202019th June 202021st June 2020
Glovis championV.04919th May 202016 June 202018th June 2020
Asian trustV.1759th May 202013th June 202015th June 2020
Morning cornetV.11922 April 202030th May 20202nd June 2020
Lord vishnuV.01622nd April 202025th May 202024th May 2020
Hoegh osakaV.05913th April 202019th May 202017th May 2020
Glovis challengeV.05920th April 202018th May 202020th May 2020
Morning margaretaV.13814th April 202016th May 202018th May 2020
Galaxy leaderV.03616th March 20204th May 20203rd May 2020
Asian visionV.2154th April 20204th May 20202nd May 2020
Morning composerV.11523rd March 20202nd May 20204th May 2020
Grand cosmoV.0041st April 202025th April 202027th April 2020
Hoegh osloV.8923rd March 202023rd April 202025th April 2020
Glovis clipperV.07415th March 202019th April 202021st April 2020
TurandotV.05313th March 202018th April 202020th April 2020
TurandotV.05212th March 20208th April 202010th April 2020
Morning menador SUB12th March 20205th April 20207th April 2020
Morning celineor SUB3rd March 202028th March 202030th March 2020
KaijinV.02717th February 202024th March 202023rd March 2020
Morning celestaV.11124th February 202021st March 202022nd March 2020
Morning crystalor SUB22nd February 202018th March 202020th March 2020
Glovis spiritV.03914th February 202016th March 202018th March 2020
Hoegh sydneyV.9015th February 202013th March 202014th March 2020
Morning margaretaV.1369th February 20206th March 20208th March 2020
Hoegh osakaV.7718th January 202027th February 202025th February 2020
Glovis sunlightV.01525th January 202022nd February 202024th February 2020
Morning concertV.13224th January 202019th February 202021st February 2020
Kariyushi leaderV.01214th January 202017th February 202016th February 2020
Glovis cougarV.05017th January 202014th February 202016th February 2020
Morning menadV.15710th January 20204th February 20206th February 2020
Glovis symphonyV.03525th December 201931st January 20202nd February 2020
Hoegh brasiliaV.9027 December 201922nd January 202023rd January 2020
Global leaderV.03116th December 201921st January 202020th January 2020
Hoegh sydneyV.8918th December 201920th January 202019th January 2020
Morning capoV.05921st December 201919th January 202021st January 2020
TurandotV.05017th December 201912th January 202014th January 2020
Glovis rcc asiaV.00716th December 201910th January 202012th January 2020
Morning ninniV.1083rd December 201926th December 201928th December 2019
Glovis thruxtonV.00724th November 201918th December 201920th December 2019
AF B vesselor SUB22nd November 201917th December 201918th December 2019
Silver rayV.01525th October 201924th November 201926th November 2019
Hoegh brasiliaV.89 or SUB28th October 201923rd November 201925th November 2019
AF A Vesselor SUB30th October 201921st November 201922nd November 2019
Morning championor SUB22nd October 201919th November 201921st November 2019
Global leaderV.03016th October 201919th November 201918th November 2019
TurandotV.04816th October 201911th November 201913th November 2019
Glovis spiritV.0378th October 20196th November 20198th November 2019
Shanghai highwayV.0017th October 20191st November 201928th October 2019
Viking emeraldV.1124th October 201925th October 2019
ShohjinV.128th September 201924th October 201925th October 2019
Jinsei maruV.01216th September 201922nd October 201921st October 2019
Hoegh kunsanV.4425th September 201922nd October 201923rd October 2019
Morning composerV.11025th September 201926th October 201924th October 2019
Dream beautyV.00917th September 201914th October 201916th October 2019
Grand heroV.00416th September 201914th October 201916th October 2019
Grand paceV.113th September 20196th October 20197th October 2019
Morning margaretaor SUB7th September 20192nd October 20194th October 2019
Glorious leaderV.02328th August 201925th September 201927th September 2019
Hoegh brasiliaV.8827th August 201921st September 201923rd September 2019
Mercury leaderV.2128th August 201920th September 201921st September 2019
Grand duke17th August 201916th September 201918th September 2019
Morning ninniV.10418th August 201914th September 201916th September 2019
Morning conductorV.1139th August 20192nd september 20194th september 2019
Glovis symphonyV. 03229th July 201930th August 20191st August 2019
Dream jasminev.00915th July 20199th August 201912th August 2019
Glovis spiritV.03628th July 201929th August 201931st August 2019
Morning claireor SUB25th July 201924th August 201926th August 2019
Hoegh jeddahV.3318th July 201923rd August 201921st August 2019
Shanghaii highwayV.129th July 201921st August 201922nd August 2019
Orion leaderV.01517th July 201921st August 201922nd August 2019
Genuine ace0055A28th June 20192nd July 201921st August 201912th August 2019
Hoegh troveor SUB25th July 201920th August 201922nd August 2019
Grand auroraV.00718th July 201917th August 201919th August 2019
Morning cornetor SUB4th July 201931st July 20192nd August 2019
Glovis skyV.01424th July, 2019.26th July, 201928th July, 2019
ToreadorAfrica6 or sub24th June 201926th July 201928th July 2019
Polaris leader00919th June 201925th July 201924th July 2019
Hoegh brasilia8725th June 201921th July 201923th July 2019
Neptune leader122th June 201917th July 201918th July 2019
Dream beauty00719th June 201917th June 201916th July 201918 July 2019
Glovis captain033 or sub16th June 201914th July 201916th July 2019
Neptune leader126th June 201911th July 201918th July 2019
Hoegh osaka7410th June 20197th July 20199th July 2019
Morning menad1506th June, 20194th July 20196th July 2019
Glovis silver ray01229th May, 201928th June, 201930th June, 2019
Jingu228th May, 201926th June, 201927th June 2019
Morning Capo05526th May,201923rd June,201925th June,2019
Hoegh Oslo08429th May,201921st June,201923rd June,2019
Mercury Leader01915th May,201920th June,201919th June,2019
Grand pavo08020th May,201915th June,201917th June,2019
Glovis courage04217th May,201914th June,201916th June,2019
Don Juan2014th May,20195th June,20198th June,2019
Glovis Sonic01725th April,20192nd June,20194th June,2019

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