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Online car store ltd has useful system which enables its users connect to and buy cars from Japanese auto auctions. Through online car store ltd japanese auction buying, you will be able to view thousands of vehicles available at auctions every day, and select the cars you want to bid for. Buying cars from Japan has never been this easy, speedy or cost-efficient! Of course, we will assist you every step of the way to make your purchasing experience a pleasant one.

If this is your first visit, please read through this guideline below first before continuing, in order to fully understand the rules and prices that apply.For car bidding in japanese car  auction houses pay  Ksh.100,000 deposit for auction bidding deposit to our mpesa pay bill no.419 387 or $1,000 to our US dollar account then we shall do selection and bidding for you,organise its shipment to mombasa port,clearance and delivery to your door step.


  1. Deadline for regular bids is 9:30 JST.
  2. All bids (including additional bids) must be placed at least 1 hour before starting time
    (in case of Isuzu auctions 1.5 hours before starting time).
  3. Bid price cannot be changed and bids can not be cancelled, if there is less than 1 hour before auctioning time.
  4. All bids must be placed no later than 18:00 JST. ( 17:00 JST on Saturday. )
  5. Bid price is the maximum price and we don’t exceed your offered bid price even if it means losing the bid to avoid inconveniencing our valuable clients.
  6. A cancellation, a change of the price and other reports are accepted only in the auction system.
  • We can check and translate Japanese auction sheets.
  • We can check rules and regulations of your country, year of manufacture, year of registration, engine size, etc.
  • We do not supply non-running cars and cars with technical problems.
  • The deadline for bid application is the midnight before auction date.
  • In case you wish to cancel your order for reasons of your own AFTER your car has been bought, we may claim a portion of the deposit as compensation.



To place a bid we need a deposit of  at least $1,000.This money should be deposited in our company pay bill no.419 387 or  US dollar bank account.

DUE DATE Paid within 3 working days after auction winning date

 Upon a successful bid, we will issue your invoice immediately.

  • Auction fee
  • Local transport fee
  • Shipping charge
  • Online car store ltd commission
  • All other cost incurred in japan (with the exception of inspection fee)
INSURANCE $30 – $80

ADDITIONAL AUCTION FEE is required only at certain auctions due to their remote locations. Refer to this table for a list of auctions to which this fee applies.


 Its a charge paid for carriage or transportation of goods by air, land, or sea. It may be charged on the weight or volume of the shipment (depending upon its nature or density) and also varies according to the mode of shipment, such as bulk, break bulk, containerized,ro-ro e.t.c

Approximate Vehicle Freight charges guideline from osaka port ,Japan to Mombasa and Dar-es-salaam port Tanzania.


How is the C&F (Cost & Freight) Calculated?calculation of cost and freight

  • Aucnet
  • Honda Hokkaido
  • Honda Kansai
  • Honda Kyushu
  • Honda Nagoya
  • Honda Sendai
  • Honda Tokyo
  • JU Tokyo
  • NOAA
  • Arai Sendai
  • CAA Gifu
  • CAA Tohoku
  • CAA Tokyo
  • IPA Tokyo
  • JU Aomori
  • JU Fukui
  • JU Mie
  • JU Nagano
  • JU Saitama
  • JU Shizuoka
  • JU Yamaguchi
  • LUM Fukuoka
  • LUM Nagoya
  • NAA Fukuoka
  • NPS Fukuoka
  • NPS Osaka
  • NPS Oyama
  • NPS Sendai
  • Orix Fukuoka
  • Orix Kobe
  • Orix Sendai
  • SAA Sapporo
  • TAA Hiroshima
  • TAA Kinki
  • TAA Kyushu
  • TAA Minami Kyushu
  • TAA Shikoku
  • Bayauc
  • CAA Chubu
  • Hero
  • IAA Osaka
  • IPA Fukuoka
  • Isuzu Makuhari
  • JAA
  • JU Akita
  • JU Ibaraki
  • JU Ishikawa
  • JU Kumamoto
  • JU Oita
  • KAA Kyoto
  • KCAA Minami Kyushu
  • LAA Shikoku
  • LUM Tokyo
  • Orix Atsugi Nyusatsu
  • Arai Oyama
  • IPA Kobe
  • Isuzu Kyushu
  • JU Aichi
  • JU Fukushima
  • JU Gunma
  • JU Hiroshima
  • JU Kanagawa
  • JU Miyazaki
  • JU Toyama
  • KCAA Fukuoka
  • KMAA
  • LAA Kansai
  • LUM Hokkaido
  • LUM Kobe
  • NAA Nagoya
  • NAA Osaka
  • SAA Hamamatsu
  • TAA Chubu
  • TAA Hokkaido
  • TAA Kantou
  • TAA Tohoku
  • ZERO Chubu
  • ZERO Osaka
  • ZERO Shonan
  • ZIP Osaka
  • Arai Bayside
  • Isuzu Kobe
  • JU Chiba
  • JU Fukuoka
  • JU Miyagi
  • JU Niigata
  • JU Okinawa
  • JU Sapporo
  • JU Tochigi
  • KCAA Yamaguchi
  • LAA Okayama
  • NAA Tokyo
  • ZERO Chiba
  • ZERO Hakata
  • ZERO Hokkaido

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