Motor Vehicle Insurance


Buying a car is the first step and to get the right reliable insurance cover is another  thing.We at online car store ltd recommend our clients to take their motor vehicle insurance covers at CIC group insurance for we are confident that in case the worst happens leading to claim your chances of having the car paid are guaranteed at CIC group insurance.

At CIC group insurance they offer both comprehensive insurance covers and third party insurance covers for motor vehicles.Ladies have an advanced motor vehicle comprehensive insurance cover called cic lady auto that is well designed for ladies.

When buying your insurance cover always remember to tell the person processing your insurance cover at CIC group insurance to give you the cover courtesy of cic agency code 028/00048 so that in case of any claim we can assist in following up your claim and have you paid back.At cic group insurance you can pay your cover in three installments of equal amounts.

You can reach us on whatsapp no.0777 900 092  or call 0746 133 676 and we shall assist you get your insurance cover and direct you where to pick the printed cover at the nearest cic branch or send to your town/city if you are not near any cic branch.So  your motor vehicle insurance cover is just a call away the rest we shall do for you.

For insurance covers to be processed by us at our end,payments can be made to our mpesa paybill no.387 419 and you are required to enter your id. no. or passport number as the business no. to easy track your payment otherwise you can process and pay at the nearest cic branch near you. We are looking forward to do business with you in the near future.

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