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Online car store ltd is the leading online car showroom in East Africa. Its designed in a way it’s easy for our customers to locate, import and drive their dream cars at relatively low cost as we associate with over 100 reliable car suppliers across the globe. It links major Japanese, UK, Thailand,Germany,Australia,Singapore and UAE car suppliers with KenyaUgandaTanzania, Rwanda,Burundi and South Sudan potential importers by providing cars on sale globally , total cost tabulations, clearance at the mombasa port  and delivery to your doorstep.

Our head office is strategically located at the port city of Mombasa,kenyatta avenue,makupa round about,mombasa lutheran church ground floor to receive our clients cars,custom clear and arrange transfers to their different destinations across the East Africa region.

For Tanzania and Burundi cars we send them direct to the port of Dar-es-salaam from where they are received by our appointed clearing agent in Tanzania.

Experience the digital way of purchasing a car less hustles and at the comfort of your home or office where the whole process flows in a procedural way in the system. We provide tracking links to our clients during shipment and delivery to their door steps.

In our online showroom all the cars have a slight possible discount which one can view upon a click on proceed to pay in every car stock.

The whole process from overseas purchase to delivery takes 30 to 40 days.Clearance at the Mombasa port takes 3 to 5 days.

The cars are destined to Regional logistics center cfs upon arrival at the Mombasa port, where our company enjoys free 60 days from the car arrival date without paying storage costs.

We also buy the cars in overseas car auctions on order and buys nothing less of auction grade 4/B for assured good quality car.

We have ready stocks in our Mombasa showroom which you just need to click on “proceed to pay” on the selected stock for self generation of the proforma invoice,pay and we shall do the delivery to you within 48hrs time limit upon confirmation of your payment.

We are appointed custom clearing agents of over 50 major overseas car suppliers for our custom clearance services are second to none.

Also note we are lately selling cars on hire purchase with very low deposits of 30% of the car cost and giving as much as 15 months to clear your car balance and a grace period of 45 days before you start paying your first hire purchase installment.We believe this is a great deal and affordable by many of our clients.

Finally online car store ltd takes NO liability of any money meant to buy a car overseas or locally that is NOT deposited through its KSH or USD account. That the only way we can guarantee our clients hard earned money security.

Wish you a happy tour of our online showroom and we are confident you will get yourself a good quality car from us within your budget limits.

Online car store ltd “Actualizing the East Africa car imports dreams”

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